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E D E N ' S  C A V E

Founder & Co-Director


“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” – Albert Einstein


Forests is an emblematic story for our times. A woman, Argyll, begins to recount a tale in which each character seeks change. Music soars and doorways open but lives begin to fragment as they trail towards a destruction. In this fervent tale, the very nature of connection and culpability is questioned as Argyll investigates what could be done, reaching her hands into the soil to pull out the fresh sprouts of a new forest.

An ode for our time, a lamentation for a closing world before the birth of a new one. 


Forests has been a three-year project in the making, championing the interplay between movement, song, the cultural heritage of the British Isles and symbolic imagery. Our durational process has created a layered performance, drawing from conversations, meetings, natural encounters and personal stories threaded through the fabric of the material. 

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T H E  C O M P A N Y

​​Eden's Cave is an experimental physical theatre group based in the cultural area of the Forest of Dean. 


The Eden’s Cave Company was established in 2016 with the intention of creating powerful, imaginative and moving theatre experiences. It bridges connections between theatre, community and the natural world. Eden’s Cave is a laboratory theatre, developing a strong community philosophy which incorporates a European model of developing work over extended periods to create rich, layered and high-quality work.


Its projects seek to contribute to the development of British heritage, to advance new perceptions of how we relate to the natural world, develops opportunities for local communities and empowers the life and work of actors and artists, in an organised encounter of cultural exchange. In association with the ASHA Centre (ashacentre.org), The Eden’s Cave Company runs courses, events and performances to enrich communities nationally and locally in the Forest of Dean.