EDEN – A beginning, the living world, the vitality of connection

CAVE – The work space, our home, the place where we dream



“The process of research, of excavating what makes us human, how we connect, to each other, to our stories and personal myths, how we express who we are, our vulnerability, our power, our truth, our freedom. That is at the heart of what we do.”

The Eden's Cave Company is a unique training-based company and centre for artistic development located in the Forest of Dean.


The Eden’s Cave Company was established in 2017 with the intention of creating powerful, imaginative and moving theatre experiences. It bridges connections between theatre, community and the natural world. Eden’s Cave is a laboratory theatre, developing a strong community philosophy which incorporates a European model of developing work over extended periods to create rich, layered and high-quality work.


Its projects seek to contribute to the development of British heritage, to advance new perceptions of how we relate to the natural world, develops opportunities for local communities and empowers the life and work of actors and artists, in an organised encounter of cultural exchange. In association with the ASHA Centre (, The Eden’s Cave Company runs courses, events and performances to enrich communities nationally and locally in the Forest of Dean.