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A man investigates a strange room, unsure how he arrived there. As he explores, apparitions allude to the presence of a being whose impact drives a fractious and frenzied rebellion. As he confronts the being, a metamorphosis occurs where structures of identity fall away, revealing a monstrous reality. Wandering this horrifying underland, the man meets the Red Bird, who invites him into its extraordinary, essential, and exotic life.


Red Bird is a film experiment, produced, shot and performed by performance artist and filmmaker Henry McGrath working alone over two winters in the Forest of Dean, UK. The film explores a mysterious figure, the Red Bird - an expression of the deep forgotten persona that is wild, mysterious, and uniquely human. The film invites the audience (viewer) to accompany the man through his transformational event, challenging all of us in a time of great upheaval to awaken and initiate both individual and cultural change.

I hope that something important is touched in those who view this film - a deep, mysterious and essential part somewhere buried in the strata of our lives.  - Henry McGrath

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