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A new experimental solo physical theatre show by creator and performer Henry McGrath

Skiin is a performance project that examines contemporary society's obsession with image and appearance, intensifying questions about self, identity and belonging.

Skiin has been a two year project in the making that has come out of Henry’s relationship to his own skin as a sufferer of eczema. This varied and volatile journey since being diagnosed as a young boy, is the motivation and inspiration for the project. 

In 2018, I began the process of exploring my skin artistically, writing a collection called the ‘Red Poems’, examining ideas of the ‘mask’ from my steroid use and probing questions on self and identity. Through dance and poetry, I have investigated my skin expressively. It has shown me the vast potential artistic form has to offer here.

The performance project is developing and I now wish to connect with others. I know my story, but now I want to hear your stories of living with eczema. When this material has been gathered there will be an invitation to a series of workshops that explore our skin expressively. From there, a film will be made documenting real-life people living with eczema. After that, the material will be collated and the project will develop an experiential solo physical theatre piece.


Henry and the team are searching to connect with individual sufferers of eczema from Gloucestershire and the South West along with experts in the field. We are searching for the stories of what it is like to live with eczema. In 2021 there will be a series of workshops and interviews to gather stories that will be part of a dance-doc film, Skins of Fire that will seek to raise awareness about the condition and serve as inspiration for the show. 

If you are interested in being involved in the project, please contact Henry McGrath:


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