Artistic Director


Eden's Cave is a laboratory theatre ensemble based in the south-west. A cross-disciplinary training-based company, we are influenced by eastern European models of developing work over extended periods, cultivating deep enquiry to discover the core questions and expressions that enrich our work. What is essential to us as a company is the way we collaborate as a community. We believe in theatre as a space for personal and collective transformation. Moreover, an important aspect of our ethos is engagement with wider communities to enrich, educate and cultivate active dialogue between peoples.


Eden's Cave is researching the essential relationship between nature and humankind, making work that gives voice to our natural world through visceral and sensory performance experiences. Homo Sapiens have long plundered the earth for resources and our current cultural and environmental challenges arise from the severe imbalances in that relationship. Our work seeks reconnection. We create theatrical events to heal discord and harmonize with the polyphony of the natural world.



Beginning with the question - How do we listen? - Forests is becoming a piece about searching beyond what we think we know. It will be a personal story, an individual’s quest for meaning through reconnection with nature, told through a fusion of embodied expression, polyphonic song, live music and fragments of the myths and legends from British antiquity. It will be a full-length theatre work and we are exploring the possibility of creating an open-air event in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire before touring to other areas across the country. It will be a timely and poignant work, born of our integrity as artists to meet the needs we perceive in both theatre and society. We intend to premiere the work in Spring 2019.